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Greetings word readers. I'm a human animal caught in existence with you. I question questions and barely believe any answers, but I blissfuck out over the search. Once upon a time the existential reality of this lifetime scared me to the point of suicidal desires, especially as all of my answers shattered along with the self I thought I was. Now I wish to live and find what a self even is in this adventure that is reality.

Flower Raised Mayo

All you will need for happiness is an egg, oil and half the juice of a lemon or lime.

It is time to embrace fats. Do not glower at them with the knowledge the world flucked your mind up with. Remember back to when butter was on everything and bacon came with breakfast. Those moments gasm in your mouth because your body is telling them to you. Your body wants it. People on those silly low fat diets give up or hate life because their body is never full. Well that is what is supposed to happen.Your body isn’t full without fats. Our bodies are meant to talk to us and we are meant to listen.

A while ago we stopped listening to our bodies and instead learned to yell at them. We didn’t want to be hungry because that just meant we’d get fat. At least, that happened to me. I didn’t actually develop any eating disorder but that’s probably because I exercised all the time and did 100 jumping jacks if I gained any weight.

Now I finally have a wonderful relationship with food.

My body creates incredible tastes and I’m full all of the time. Food never controls me but in ways we both delight in. It comes into me and my body opens right up. My mind feels more blissed out and in control than it ever has before.

Even when hungry it is not ravenous. I can think of other things and can even forget about the hunger. As a 110 pound person that was not always the case. Before keto/paleo I would become hungry and then snap and bite at life. People were icky and every motion that wasn’t towards food was useless. Anger also arose and I just lost control. My body needed the food. Now it is satisfied with what I give it. Our relationship no longer needs therapy.

If you are ready to embrace fats then it is probably time for a delicious and fatty sauce. Mayonnaise. Sauces will be your new best friend. Go ahead and update your Myspace, Ha. Like you have that anymore

First of all you will need to acquire one egg. A chicken might just grant your wish. Please get the organic happy ones because the taste really comes out. You can test it. I tested on a highly skeptical friend that called bs and his mind mouth opened right up to my ways. The regular ones just taste either like nothing or plastic. They lack the nutrients to create a flavor.

You will also need a cup of lightly flavored oil. A strong one will work but the taste will overwhelm you. Don’t worry. You will train your brain in time. I chose the lemon olive one from Trader Joe’s and it is scrumtiousgasming.

Finally you will need the juice of half a lime or lemon. Mostly you will need an immersion blender. This is not a purchase you will regret my dears and if you do I welcome complaints.

First search for a container that barely fits the head of your immersion blender. A glass jar generally works. I, personally, could not find a container big enough to fit the head. I accidentally got a big one. I then used my French press to fit it.

Go ahead and lay out all of your ingredients on a cutting board outside:

Mayo Ingredients
Mayo Ingredients

Then, bring them back inside and crack your egg into the container. Realize that you need to take the French Press back outside for another photo. Then squeeze out the juice of half a lime or lemon. Now this squeezing thing. Called. Something. I think just lemon squeezer. Is also incredibly useful. It squeezes the juice and keeps the seeds. What more could one desire?

Don't worry about the dirty boards. No one will notice.
Don’t worry about the dirty boards. No one will notice.

Then you’ll  go back inside and pour in the oil.
Mayo Ingredients Ready To Whirl Captain

Let the egg droop down to the bottom and then stick the head of your immersion blender in. Plug it in first. Then press the blade spinning button and let it sit there for twenty seconds without moving it. Don’t worry. It is working away down there.
Getting Creamy Mam

Your mayo will begin to form into a delicious white.

Getting Creamy Mam

Finally you will have mayo.

Pour into a glass jar or Martini glass to serve.

Flower Raised Mayo
Clean out your immersion blender right away.

Electric Ingredients:

Immersion Blender

Glass Ingredients:


Food Ingredients:

One egg

One cup of a lightly flavored oil

1/2 the juice of a lime or lemon

Flowers to raise it all with


Put food ingredients into glass ingredient. Let the egg droop to the bottom. Stick head of immersion blender into jar and let it immerse for twenty seconds. Move up and down to fully form mayo.

Pour into margini glass and dip daikon radish fries in.

It’s deliciously whipped fat. Add whatever else your mouth desires.Many humans use garlic.

Macros: Total Fat 8.6 g, Total Carb: 1g, Protein: .3g


Paleo/Primal/Keto Explained

To Gain Control Over Your Body and Mind

Let me first scare you by letting you know companies made the food pyramid. Here’s a great article on it.

So you might have mind wonders about what these different diets are. Here is the thing most of us don’t like about it even being called a diet. These are lifestyles. We try them, fall madly into love bubbles and want to float away forever. We don’t want to be the new lackers of marriage binding. We are committed and this is not a fling.

Paleo is fully centered around getting back to our primal roots/what our ancestors ate. If all other animals know what to eat then at some point so did we, naturally. Then companies decided to mess with your brain, and taste buds to the point your body no longer knows. This is…a horror I can barely type out it angers me so much. Yet, it is also our fault for allowing it. I used to knock back three energy drinks a day with sour patch kids inside. When that wasn’t enough I dipped sugar cubes into icing. Allowance was a bad idea for us. Then my twin and I both developed ADHD, OCD, and depression. These things have all been cured for me as I follow this lifestyle.

It even makes sense. When your body is deprived of nutrients, and then even gets poison to function on (processed) it glitches. Our minds don’t connect to life properly. You can look into studies about the gut flora and memory or the gut brain, but really you just need to analyze yourself and the way these things feel in your body.

Then analyze how you feel when you eat the right thing. That’s the whole point of me having recipes here at all. Mindproved and bodyproved by me.

Back to the lifestyles though.

You basically no longer care about the inner aisles of a store with processed moments but instead stick to the outside.

You go for the vegetables, the meats, the creams and the eggs. When first switching what you put inside you most will have you get off of dairy for thirty days first. This is not punishment. It is to see if you have an adversity to cheese/dairy within you. After thirty days you try it and see if you can handle. I, personally, never forsook dairy, but I refused for it to harm me. This is following the mentality of keto though, and not paleo. Strict paleo does not allow for dairy as our ancestors most likely did not consume it and around sixty percent of humans are lactose intolerant.

You might think this is hard or expensive but eating organic is actually cheaper than fast food. I’ve calculated the costs before and it honestly just makes sense. Companies aren’t going to be taking the cost onto themselves of the paper/people required to run their business. Those costs turn to you and your body. Also, when I was trying fast food for my experiment I often found that it just made me more hungry. Your body isn’t getting actual nutrients from it and thus still signals that it needs them/causes the feeling of hunger.

The Paleo/Primal is a wonderful lifestyle that embraces nature and delves into going organic, local and avoiding processed/fast food.

You do have to give up pasta, grains, bread and all the foods that are just fillers anyway. We have substitutes for all of these and all of them are better.

It does take forsaking your childhood to become an adult and to become fully human.


The real difference between paleo and keto is the carbs.

The idea is that our ancestors didn’t have unlimited access to fruits or root vegetables.

The paleo diet allows for root vegetables as well as honey and fruit. Now this is where most people shudder at the idea of a keto diet. I did at first. I think I cried into the bowls of a cantaloupe. Eventually though my body adapted and I no longer crave fruit or even like more than a bite. It is far too sweet now. Also, I used to make potatoes every day with pecans and cinnamon and wine. I  no longer want those either. There are better vegetables, fresh ones, that can get you the texture of potatoes but with better flavors.

Your body can run on two different energy sources. It can run on sugar/carbs or it can run on fats. Fats got a bad rap when companies banned together and created the food pyramid. There is a primitive culture that eats organ meat and throws the muscle to the dog. I feel that way now that I’ve embraced fats and organ meats. My body rejects that lean ick.

The low-fat movement wound up lacing our foods in sugar. A drug. We have to accept it is a drug. We get cravings for it, have withdraws from it and it alters our minds. I was so addicted to it, but if I can recover from my main energy source being sugar for years you can do it too. I’ll even guide you. Low-fat anything, especially yogurt, had to be covered up by sugar because companies knew that once you tried their nutrient deprived ick food the movement would be rejected. Instead, they addicted you to it

Be angry about this.

Then. Embrace Fats and Bacon.

Think about how much you love bacon. Remember how much you love butter, oils and coconut. Our bodies love fats. That isn’t some coincidence of the mind. Our bodies do know what they need and they let your mind know it too. Fats are gorgeous and glorious and we need to get back to them. In fact, keto is used for weight loss most of the time. Your body is not meant to be fat and once you get back to nature and embrace what it contains you turn into the human nature intends you to be.

Once your body starts getting the nutrients it needs you truly feels full. It is an incredible feeling laced in control. Food even tastes better as your body and mind both want it together. It has been the only way I have gained control of my mind and body. Then, when you no longer need food it tastes bland and you stop craving it.

There are plenty of great resources for starting the keto diet and I am not one of them just yet. Craig is where I started and he can guide you as well. Then you’ll want to form a community on Instagram and join Reddit for that community as was my haven for my first year of it.

For more information on the paleo/primal lifestyle I recommend Mark.

Finally if you want to embrace both, as this blog does, refer to my shining beauty of a mindbliss mentor, Maria.

Grass-Fed Avocado Donuts

Have you ever thought about how enticingly exciting it is that we can turn foods to fluff?

Not just cotton candy mind twirls but donuts and muffins and pancakes. When first starting on a paleo or keto or primal lifestyle you get denied these blissful mouth moments because you really can’t go out and buy them anymore. Most baked goods in stores are loaded with sugars and processed things just waiting to craggly up your mindbrain and body. Now, we don’t want your gorgeous body and mind being touched by those things because of all the harm they can cause. We do want you to still enjoy life though.

I am not a fan of sugar at all anymore. It causes too many cravings. It’s that thing I can eat and then just want to keep eating. Now that I’ve entered back into ketosis with paleo flairs I no longer crave food but for when my body actually needs it. I eat once a day until full and am satisfied into the next day. I have energy radiating from my sprog and body and my mental disorders have floated away. Every time I even add coconut sugar or erythritol/swerve (alternative natural sweeteners) I find myself thinking of those laced baked goods all day and just craving them despite having eaten my normal fill. In the science of it our bodies actually trigger hibernation mode and decide to store those nutrients instead of use them and then beg for more. Yeah, evolution not catching up sucks. Try being female.

I still want donuts though.

So I make donuts with no sugar at all, but instead bring out the flavors from earth’s other tasty treats. Specifically, I enjoy cinnamon and cocoa and almost all herbs. Your mouth gets to appreciate and draw out these flavors the more you embrace them. At first there’s a bit of an ick as your mind doesn’t know the flavors and asks where the sweet is. Do not fret though, eventually it will crave those nutrients and know your desires.Then sweet will just taste overt and unnecessary. I tried honey the other day, an old mouth love, and realized I have moved on. It offered nothing but sweet. In fact, most sweeteners just take away from flavor once you have adapted.

Think about when you eat sweets. You know how you feel horrid after and sometimes want to vomit? With these baked goodies you just feel great after. You get all of the healthy nutrients. You just get them in a solid fluff form.

In the keto world we use low carb flours such as almond, hazelnut and coconut. All of these are delicious on their own and so baking them just creates all of that deliciousness in your mouth.

For these donuts though I am drawing on Carolyn’s recipe  from All Day I Dream About Food, and just using an avocado, eggs, nut butter and a few other ingredients. Ingredients that don’t need fancy flours or sweeteners but just a quick trip to the grocery store, farmer’s market or put on a list for later delights. I’m still a novice so help from others is still totally acceptable. Right?

I strayed from her beautiful muffin recipe to make donuts. I just got my silicone pan in and really wanted to try it. I also changed her water to wine because I enjoy liquid flavors coming through in my baked goods. Next time I’ll even try tea or bourbon. If you want to go mild though water definitely works, so does almond milk, coconut milk, or cashew milk. If you’re following my desires for your mindbody though, no sugar, you will want to up the flavors just a tad, or add an idea of your own. I think I’ll even try lavender chocolate next time.

Now these donuts are perfectly moist and fluffy with deep chocolate nuts and can be eaten for breakfast or just a side snack. They are mindblissed out on chocolate which contains magnesium and iron (two things myself and most Americans are deficient in). Avocado is actually one of those fruits every diet loves. If only they could stop fighting over it’s place as a fruit or vegetable.

First you’ll want to lay out all your ingredients on a gorgeous black cutting board and lay it in the grass:


Then preheat your oven to 350.

(Imagine a picture here)

Then you’ll want to put your two eggs, avocado, nut butter (or sunflower butter if you’re going nut free), and liquid into a high-speed blender of a food processor.

Food Processed One

Then you’ll whirl all of it into a smooth bliss. Take it outside for picture lighting’s sake.

Food Processed Two

Once whirled add the cocoa powder, baking soda, salt and extract. Decide you’re exhausted and don’t want to go outside so just take an inside countertop picture.
Food Processed Three

Pulse or blend until smooth. The batter can get thick so scrape down the sides as you go. My Ninja was a beast at blending and didn’t require any side scraping. Forget to take a picture of that moment but pretend you did and hope no one notices.

Finally you’ll spoon the batter into your pan. Consider worrying about getting all the batter in the holes then decide you’ve already done enough work.

Donut Pan

Bake for 12 minutes, until the tops are firm.

Place donuts onto serving tray, dust leftover cocoa powder across tray, place in grass and take a pretty picture.

Finished Donuts


1 avocado

1 cup nut or sunflower seed butter (I used 1/2 a cup of Brazilian butter and 1/2 a cup of almond butter)

2 eggs

6 tablespoons coconut milk


or  3 tablespoons nut/coconut milk and 3 tablespoons wine, or bourbon, or any liquid


6 tablespoons cocoa powder

1sp baking soda

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Dash salt

1/4 cup chocolate chips (I used Trader Joe’s 85%)

Sprinkling of blueberries (optional)

Dashes of bitters (optional)

Some form of sweetener if desired (I don’t to avoid cravings)

To create:

1) Turn the over up to 350 and grease your doughnut pan. I recommend coconut spray for this to keep those dessert feels.

2) Add your nut or sunflower butter, eggs, liquid, avocado to a food processor or high speed blender. Blend until smooth.

3) Remove lid and add in cocoa powder, baking soda and extract then put the lid back on and blend until smooth again.

4) Pour the batter into your doughnut molds and bake in the over for 12 minutes/until the tops are firm.

Makes 18 mini donuts.

Macros per donut: Net Carbs: 2.3 Total Carbs: 4g, Fat: 6.65g, Protein: 3g

Best Storage: Glass Container


Best reheating: Cast iron with coconut oil and a dollop of peanut butter, and a berry.

Reheat Donuts
Reheat Donuts

Goat Cheese and Cherry Mindtini

Mmm the simple life. Two flavors creating a mouth bursting cream level of delicious. All for your mind and body pleasure. There are times in our mouth lives where we just know two tastes were meant to come together. I was scrampering around in the fridge looking for food I wouldn’t feel the need to photograph. Food I could simply eat in secret. I grabbed two random things meant to just be consumed, enjoyed, and walked away from. Food far too simple to blog about. Then together they entered me and I knew they had to be shared.

Goat Cheese and Cherry Mindtini


Your mind

Your body


Goat Cheese


P.S. These would make great party snacks.

I meant to remove them from the sticks. To save some for later. They are saved now…just inside me. It turns out the glass was very useful for seed storage.

Finished Tini

Disclaimer: Unless you find humanely raised goat cheese dairy is not paleo. Here is a great article on it.

Macros per stick: Calories: 30.8g Fat: 2g, Sodium: 35.5mg, Potassium: 20.3mg, Total Carb: 1.4g, Net carb: 1.2 g, Protein: 1.8g

Watermelon Radish Mindtini Touched by Feta

Sometimes elegant simplicity is all that we want inside us. We don’t want to slave away for hours just to get one tiny mouthgasm. What we want is to lovingly create mouthbliss with a few strokes of a knife into some radishes and a squeeze of juice on the top. Lemon juice with pepper and salt to bring it all together. Then we add the final white layer of cheese and put in a martini class to be very, very fancy. We then consume for mind shattering lifts.


This is another taste your brain most likely doesn’t know. It will be alright my lovers because we are going to give you familiar ingredients to pair the bitter with. What raw ingredients give your mind is a bright bliss flavor that does not compare to cooked food. I still love cooked food and still fear sauntering into a full on raw diet, at least for a while. Each time I get over bitter though, and embrace raw foods, my mind and body are never disappointed.

It was a very groggy mind day when I decided to put this inside me and oh did it brighten my sprog right up. Seriously though, it cleared me right out and the day was just a bright bliss of mind control.

The whole tini is rich in Vitamin C with moments of Vitamin A, E, calcium, folate and iron. All ready to connect you to life.

What you will need:

Watermelon Radish Mindtini
Watermelon Radish Mindtini Ingredients

One watermelon radish chopped into bite sized pieces

Half a cup of feta or goat cheese (I recommend feta but goat gives a more creamy mouth time)

Half a teaspoon of salt

The juice of one lemon (yes the whole thing. You want that full flavor)

1/4 a teaspoon of pepper

Tablespoon of oil (optional, to drink from the bottom once the salad flavors leak in, but it doesn’t stick to the radishes)

To Make:

Combine the above and place into a martini. Then put in a bowl because you have to stab it pretty hard.

Macros: Calories: 192.3g Fat: 18g, Total Carbs: 4g, Net Carbs: 2g, Protein: 6g

Watermelon Radish Mindtini by Mindlifting Mouthgasms
Watermelon Radish Mindtini by Mindlifting Mouthgasms

Disclaimer: Unless you find humanely raised cheese dairy is not paleo. Here is a great article on it.

Simple Baked Egg and Broccoli

Oh the beautiful beautiful egg. Somehow even it was demonized in the so called health movement of America. We tossed it in the trash we did. Just the yellow though, we kept the white. Sigh. We are so racist.

Eggs hold a vital nutrient for your sprog. B12 is essential for brain functioning and boosts cognition as well as memory. We want as many of these things inside us as possible.

Now broccoli is another gorgeous story for our bodies and minds. Have you heard about the recent scare of not getting enough vitamin D in our days? Apparently we are not out in the sun enough. This deficiency can lead to depression.

On the days I felt moped out I would just go sit clothless in the sun and soak it in. After about thirty minutes there was definitely more sprite to my thoughts. Broccoli is soaked in vitamin D and completely ready for you. In a super simple recipe no less. If you have a mini casserole dish.

First of all you’ll need to bake some eggs. If you go ahead and bake twelve as well as get a large hunk of broccoli you can have lunch for a week. Your body gets to learn and adapt to those nutrients to the point they will taste like creamy crunchy heaven. That’s what happened for me at least.

Baking eggs might sound new to you. Alton Brown lays it all out for you and I have the link ready for you in the recipe below. It makes a creamy egg and you can cook so many at once. It’s the only method I use now.

Egg Bake



Baked or Boiled Egg (learn how to bake eggs here)

Dashes of Paprika

Dashes of Salt


Set over to 300 degrees.

Put the above ingredients in a mini casserole dish.

Put the casserole dish in the over once it has heated.

Let set in over for fifteen minutes.

Eventually vary up the spices to your mind’s possibilities and let me know your favorites =)


Calories: 119.2g, Total Fat: 5.5g, Total Carb: 10, Net Carbs: 5.4

Beef Tongue and Sprouts Casserole

What you first must do again  is consult ancient wisdom. My sensei in this matter is Mellissa Sevigny over at I Breathe I’m Hungry. Click wisely. Her world is epic enough to get lost in with only keto wings to fly you out. She guided me through my initial keto journey with open food arms and gave my mouth tastes it had never known. The thing about primal/keto living is it makes sense to your body and eventually, after it has adapted, it will create the best tastes your brain can make.

When you’re a wee lad or lassie your mother/father/animal that raised you was in charge of expanding your tastes. They gave you spinach and you flung it back as your body alerted there was  potential poison in your mouth. Your mouth eventually learned that spinach is actually delightful for you and full of iron for your mind sprog so it decided to create a taste you enjoy.

Well now it is time to grow up and adapt those taste feels yourself. Starting with beef tongue.

The jalapeno popper casserole was one of the first dishes I made on keto. It uses cauliflower as its base. I have always liked cauliflower. Mostly out of respect to its opponent. Broccoli. Someone told me to pretend broccoli was little trees and we’re slowly becoming friends. Now it sometimes makes me sad to eat little trees though.

So this beef tongue casserole recipe is going to draw on her ancient wisdom for the cauliflower creamy layer and then grab some ideas from Sonia yet again. I followed her pickled beef tongue recipe and then found her casserole as well for guidance.

I know organ meat sounds scary but more primitive cultures (cultures that listen to their bodies more than media) actually consume organ meat and throw out the more lean meat to the dogs. I have news to break to you and it might just shatter your reality. It did mine. Companies own/control the food pyramid and it turns out they were wrong. Low fat is actually horrid for you. This is why there is so much sugar in every low fat product. They have to mask the taste and then use sugar to addict you to it. Your mind makes taste and they knew if they gave it just the low fat one your body would reject it.

If you’re scared though you could use ham. 😉

The first thing you’ll do is find beef tongue. I found mine at the farmer’s market here and if you can get in touch with a butcher I’m sure he’ll slip you some for some money. You could also use some ground beef in this or even other organ meat. Chicken hearts are incredible.

So first let’s prepare the cauliflower. We’ll basically do exactly what Melissa says to and trim the cauliflower/break it into medium sized pieces. Now don’t throw out that leftover bottom layer. Put it in a large ziploc/whatever brand you desire bag to put in the freezer. You can turn leftover vegetable moments into broth later.

To be turned into broth
To be turned into broth

Then you’ll put the cauliflower, 2 T (tablespoons) of heavy cream and 1 T of butter on top of your cauliflower and then microwave it uncovered, on high for 10 minutes. You might want to accidently leave the cauli leaves in there to microwave because they wind up being delicious soaked in those fats.

Cauliflower ready to be cooked

While that’s cooking we’ll start on the sprouts. Now these things are incredible but your mouth most likely does not know them. I also found these at Trader Joe’s and don’t know how hard it is to find sprouts where you live. You could substitute broccoli, a few carrots or just go mad and throw in daikon radish. Just don’t go putting any potatoes in there. That ruins the whole point of it being low carb =/

Kale and Brussels Sprouts
Kale and Brussels Sprouts

These things are pretty tough veggies, which is what we want for this dish, but they need to soften up a bit first. Go ahead and pop a raw brussels into your mouth though. Add some cheddar cheese to get that familiar going. Yes it is going to be bitter and you’ll hate it at first. It’s for your future mouth.

Raw Brussels and cheddar moment time
Raw Brussels and cheddar moment time

So go ahead and drop those onions pieces into your cast iron with a T of oil and set them over medium high. Garlic may have been a good idea here. After a minute drop in the sprouts. Occasionally move them around. Maybe sing to them a bit. Now don’t cook them too much. They’re going to be sitting in an oven soon and still need to look their best. About five minutes over medium heat should do.

Once the cauliflower has had ten minutes you’ll take it out then stir to moisten up the whole dish with the cream and butter. Then put it right back in for six to eight minutes or until tender. Then pour that into a food processor with your ½ cup of sharp cheddar cheese, ½ a teaspoon of salt. One teaspoon of rosemary and ½ a teaspoon of thyme and some cracking swirls of pepper. This is also where you can do whatever spices you want. Make it smokey with paprika and salt or you could even turn it into a dessert with pumpkin pie spice and some cloves. That might be too far…I might try it anyway.

Then pour in ¾ a cup of beef stock (or broth or chicken broth or veggie broth).

A note on cheese. Get a block of it and a high quality one. You can just break it off and put it right in and avoid the starch they put on packaged cheese/all those icky killy things they put on there. It also tastes like mouth melted bliss vs…okay still kind of bliss but a scouring one comparedly.

Now it is time to put it all together. Start with a layer of beef tongue. Then lay a layer of vegetables on top.

Beef tongue and sprouts
Beef tongue and sprouts

Finally cover that with some shredded cheese. You’ll use another ½ cup of cheese in the process. Or even more if you love cheese. I used about 2 cups in all.

Sprouts and Tongue all Covered in Cheese
Sprouts and Tongue all Covered in Cheese

Once you’ve done the layering you’ll go ahead and pour the caulimash right over it. and spread it out to cover everything.

Ready to Oven
Ready to Oven

Put the whole thing in the oven at 375 for thirty minutes and go read a book. Or whatever you want really. Just don’t leave the house.

Ready for Noms
Ready for Noms

Let that rest for 10-15 minutes then serve. You can garnish with some fresh rosemary or thyme and maybe even another cracking swirl of pepper.


Food Items You will need

2.5 Pounds beef tongue

For the Mash

1 head cauliflower

2 T Heavy Cream (try for organic)

1 T Butter (grassfed Kerrygold if available)

2 cups sharp white cheddar cheese

¾  cup beef stock (or broth)

teaspoon salt

teaspoon dried rosemary

½ teaspoon dried thyme

½ a teaspoon of pepper

The Veggies

2 cups brussels sprouts

Half an onion

2 cups kale sprouts

How to Turn the Above into a Casserole:

1)Clean and trim the cauliflower into medium sized pieces. Place those in a microwave safe dish with 2 T of HWC and 1 T of butter. Microwave uncovered on high for ten minutes.

2) While that’s softening heat up your cast iron or other heating device and pour in a T of oil. Add ½ of a chopped onion and let that soften then add in your brussels and kale sprouts. Cook for about five minutes over medium high heat then turn to low and just leave them there.

3) Once cauliflower has cooked for ten minutes remove from microwave and stir to coat in those delicious fats and return to the microwave for 6-8 minutes or until tender.

4) Pour the cauliflower into a blender and add your spices. Drop in a ½ to a cup of your cheddar cheese (preference based). You can just drop cubes right in. Pour in ¾ cup broth and blend until smooth but still slightly chunky.

5) Lay chopped up beef tongue at the bottom of your casserole dish then layer that with veggies. Cover that with cheddar cheese and repeat until your ingredients are finsihed. Pour the culimash over the top.

6) Bake at 375 degrees for thirty minutes or until bubbly. Let rest for 10-15 and serve.