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Human Friendly Stuffed Peppers

What to do with so many people trying diets and you’re just having a simple dinner party? Is there a recipe that could fit a low carb diet, a paleo diet, and a primal diet?


Yes. Cauliflower rice stuffed peppers

Cauliflower rice is the mindblissmouthgasm of keto/paleo life.

. Rice is off the mouth menu for ketoers due to its high carb content (it is 90% carbs) and off the paleo menu because rice contains phytane which renders its nutrients essentially useless to humans. Grains usually contains gluten, which can be highly inflammatory and harmful to the gut, but rice does seem to avoid this issue. The gut plays an essential role in memory as well as can lead to depression and anxiety so amything that harms it is off the mindgasm menu. Do not fret my lovers because the gut can be fixed starting with food.

On the other hand Asians eat rice. Here is an article about the debate on rice from Mark’s Daily Apple. He does a mindful amount of research into these subjects and has dedicated his life to the primal diet and awareness of it.

So how do we get that rice bedding to our meats and veggies? How do we make sushi? We turn cauliflower into rice. All you really want from a substitute for old foods is the texture. Most humans don’t eat rice just by itself. You add cheese or spices or meat or sauces to rice to make it delicious. Usually in a combination. As such it is those flavors and the texture of rice that go so well together.

Cauliflower already tastes amazing on its own so turning it to rice makes your meal that much tastier and mindblissing.

Cauliflower is also a cheaper vegetable and if you’re on a budget it can easily replace your bagged rice.

I did discover that cheese is in the grey zone of paleo today. This is a hard fact to face but it is true that many humans do not process dairy well. We are developing the ability to process grassfed dairy products, especially goat cheese. Mark from Mark’s Daily Apple, a primal food blog, has a well structured article on the subject found if you click here.

Directions for Human Friendly Stuffed Peppers:


These are definitely a base recipe for you to fiddle around with. Try different oils, nuts, spices and meats if they fit all the diets you need or just fit your mouth menu for the night.


1) First you will need to acquire three bell peppers (or more), a cauliflower, three tablespoons of oil (any will do but go for organic. I used TJ’s lemon olive oil), and a cup of nuts (I used macadamia).

2) You will then make cauliflower rice. This is actually a simple process where you trim a cauliflower and put it into a food processor or blender then pulse until is rice. If you don’t want a moist caulistuffed pepper go ahead and transfer the rice to a skillet and cook out the water for about eight minutes.

3) Combine the rice with the oil and chopped macadamia nuts.

4) Stuff the peppers with caulirice mix.

5) Spray with coconut oil (optional).

6) Can be served raw or baked in the oven at 325 for 15 minutes then checked on every 5 minutes after.

7) I did add raspberries to mine. They were delicious.



Primal/Keto/Human Friendly Goat Cheese Party Platter

A tiny fear in paleo land we all must deal with is our friends.

When first admitting that you’re into caveman style eating and no longer consume bread, rice, or processed things people tend to mindblow. They will also presume you judge them for every mouth moment they take that you can’t. My friends won’t even eat fast food around me without getting anxious. I’ve finally lost the feeling that they’re dying and I should burn it but it did take a year. Before now I probably did cast some judging looks. Sorry loves I just feel paleo/keto food is better 😉

Take it to the next step and also be in keto land. Now there also is a denial of potatoes, sugar and any carb laden riches of the world.

So what do you do when everyone is going to be eating together? The glorious mouthgasm moments of a dinner party. Or a party at all. You need food that you and others will enjoy but without cheating.

Do not fret my loves. Most people actually enjoy the foods of keto and paleo naturally. They are what your body is meant to desire. I don’t have any cravings for the foods not allowed anymore, and love the foods that enter me.

We can have bacon wrapped onion rings, creamed spinach, kale soaked in bacon grease with goat cheese inside, and even doughnuts, mug cakes and brownies if we so choose. We just ignore foods that hold amazing foods. Bread is just used for holding and we have lettuce wraps as well as bread substitutes to hold our meats and veggies. Rice is also flavorless unless you add spices and we have cauliflower rice. Most of the foods we lose were only delicious when flavor was added. Now we use foods that are delicious despite flavor addings.

For example: goat cheese platters.

Platter One

I purchased goat cheese with the skin on it due to excitement in using it for the beef tongue casserole. Turns out this was more of a goat cheese you slice than the creamy love my mouth knows. It looks beautiful in platter form though and my favored form was quickly acquired and goes so well with cherries or atop a fried egg.


For this platter you cut the cheese into slices and poke food in. I put Brussels’ leaves, rosemary sprigs, cinnamon and Brazilian butter in random moments. I even added kale sprouts.

I personally tried all of them and concluded kale sprouts do not go well. Neither does dried rosemary. Fresh should be delightful though.

I crisped up the Brussels leaves to see how that would mouthgasm. Crisped is even better than raw.


Go ahead and finish arranging the cheese and veggies/spices. Then realize you’ve lost the light for picture taking.


Put the tray in the fridge until the lighting returns.


Take pictures again the next day.


Realize the fridge was an excellent idea because the skin peels right off.


Brussels’ leaves and a raw Brazilian nut is the best combination. Just do half a tray of that and half a tray of a dollop of nut butter with cinnamon and a berry. Beautiful and you will be bringing both a savory and dessert flair to the party.

Disclaimer: Unless you find humanely raised goat cheese dairy is not paleo. Here is a great article on it.

Notes on tried flavors:

1 Nut, 1 brussels leaf

Texture was great but only the cheese came through

Recommend two more leaves

3 rosemary leaves and one blueberry

divine, just enough burst and both flavors come though

3 brussels leave, 5 rosemary sprigs

way too much rosemary, 2-3 would be better

Fresh would be even more better

1 blueberry 2 sprigs rosemary and dollop of brazil butter

Really satisfying

Flavors don’t all come through

Raspberry might be better

Half an entire brussel iwht dollop of nut butter

Fuck yes. Texture molds well together

Creamy nut butter first, then brussels crunch and ends with that creamy cheese

2 brussels leave, cinnamon nut butter

No just..don’t do that one.

3 brussels cast iron cripsed chips, one raw brazil nut, salt

Perfect. Just enough crunch and the flavors do not take away from each other in any way. You get to taste each flavor through entire consumption yet they play with each other for random taste moments

nut butter and blueberry

Very nice. Very quick moment but satisfying

Kale sprout, rosemary, nut butter



Do not use kale sprouts