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Spaghetti Squash Egg in a Nest

Spaghetti Squash Egg in  Nest MLM.jpg


Spaghetti squash is that staple of the modern keto / low carb diet that you just know is going to last through the century.

It’s our version of always having a pack of noodles in the cupboard that are always ready to be made into a meal. The ingredients can even change all over it and yet that staple can be used for all of your flavors, from basil to beer braised meatballs.

What you really want in a noodle is a texture that compliments meats and sauces, and a flavor that simply absorbs other flavors, or simply remains in the dish as a layer of texture to enhance the other ingredients.

There’s definitely a shorter shelf time when you compare spaghetti squash to wheat noodles, but there’s more life to the squash, and it lends that oh so delicious health factor to the dish.

I make a squash about once a week, and after using half for some spaghetti squash and meatballs, I’ll use the other half for whatever experiment my mouth wants.

Some of them plotz, like the cinnamon and coconut cream one, but others leave me dedicated to their taste. This spaghetti squash swirled into a nest with an egg inside of it was just simple enough to be perfect on all layers. Each ingredient gets to beckon itself into your mouth and leaves nothing else but pure flavor inside you. I foresee many more recipes coming from this base idea. An egg and spaghetti squash are incredible textures with amazing health benefits in them, but they are also able to take on whatever flavor you’re feeling that day. For this recipe I used sun dried tomatoes, and they release that perfect tomato flavor, without all the juice of a fresh one, but you could try any flavor you have on hand.

Spaghetti Squash and Tomatoes Egg in a Nest MLM.jpg



2 Tablespoons Oil or Butter

3/4 Cup Cooked Spaghetti Squash

1 Egg

1 Tablespoon Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Dashes of Salt (to taste)

1/2 Teaspoon Dried Rosemary (or whatever spice you have on hand)



  1. Heat up oil in a cast iron or non stick pan  and form the spaghetti squash nest on top of it (I have a large cast iron and formed the nest and then poured the oil into the noodles so that it would all be in one spot).
  2. Push the tomatoes into the layers of the squash wherever you like, or chop them into small pieces and sprinkle them all over it.
  3. Crack an egg into the center and let it warm through your desired level of cooked egg.
  4. Sprinkle on salt and any other spices you want.



Bacon and Celery Root Egg Skillet

Bacon and Egg Skillet MLM


Didn’t even get the word leeks to fit into that fully stuffed title.

This casserole/skillet will leave you just as deliciously filled and nutritiously plump. Oh wait, it’s low carb and keto friendly so plump is never on the menu. 

Eat delicious foods that keep your body at a weight losing detox is the slogan of the keto world. We up those fats and cut the carbs to where every bite is fully sweetened with only the subtleties of food flavor.

This skillet cuts potatoes and instead uses celery root. I use this veggie wonder of low carb nighthood to make up for the lack of potato in my life all the time. At this point the potato seems dull in comparison to my favorite veggie. I cut it into fries and just fry them in a cast iron with salt and oil. I put them into stews and even spiralize them into soups. Celery Root even freezes well. What more could you ask of nature? Celery root’s main awakening into my mental food cookbook happened after having them in this celery root chicken and mushroom alfredo. Once you go celery you never go potato again…except when you twin brings home leftover BBQ stuffed into a potato and you really want that BBQ?

Holidays just make carbs  soooo accessible. I miss the keto feels of mind clarity and body readiness though, so I’m kickstarting back into the low carb world with this skillet.

The celery root has more crunch to it’s munch than the easily softened potato, but I love how the root gets soft and absorbs up all the flavor you can offer it, but still keeps some of its crunchy texture. The longer you cook it the softer it gets, but I recommend cutting a few strips off before making this dish and eat a piece raw, a piece raw and salted, and a piece that’s been cut into a fry shape and heated in the skillet for about two minutes on each side. That way you get to fully experience what this root can offer you.

Bacon and Celery Root Egg Skillet.jpg



4 Strips Bacon

7 Eggs

1/4 Teaspoon Salt

1/4 Cup Coconut Butter

1 Cup Celery Root (chopped or sliced)

1/4 Cup Chopped Leek Leaves (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees.
  2. Cook the bacon mostly through and then set aside (will finish cooking in skillet).
  3. Pour about two tablespoons of the grease into a tiny saucepan and gently melt it with the coconut butter.
  4. Beat the eggs and then add in the celery root, leek, and chopped bacon.
  5. Cook over medium heat for about three minutes and then pour the melted coconut butter and bacon grease over the eggs.
  6. Transfer the skillet to the oven to finish cooking for about 10-15 minutes. I like my eggs barely cooked through so if they taste undercooked just pop them in for about five more minutes. Avoid overcooking though because they start to taste hard.



Make it paleo by foraging for it outside. You could even hide it and let your friends find it for ultimate cavemaning. Tools required: Spatula.

Foraged Skillet


2 Ingredients Zucchini Muffins

There is too much zucchini growing in all of our gardens and minds right now (all of those food bloggers keep putting it in there).

In order to let you savor zucchini with smilegasms I have made for you a very easy noms that takes two ingredients most likely already in your fridge. Eggs and zucchinis.

Both ingredients are easily obtained from your local farmer’s market, even if you live in a desert (my life). Honestly there’s just something primal in the satisfaction of getting what you put inside you from the person that grew it.

This recipe is shockingly delicious due to its minimal nature, but both ingredients get to really come together inside your mouth. Easily cast iron heated in the mornings and you can keep them simple and change the toppings. Hot sauce, chives, paprika, tomatoes, beaver tongue. Just let your mind grow wild.


6 Happy Eggs

1 Cup/Half of a Zucchini

Spiralizer or Knife

Donut Pan or Muffin Pan or Cupcake pan

  1. Preheat oven to 375 Degrees
  2. Sprilaze your zucchini or cut it up into chunks with a knife/your teeth (I do this with chocolate for my mug cakes all the time).
  3. Salt and pepper your zucchini to taste preference and toss.
  4. Circle the noodles into your donut pan or put them into a muffin/donut pan after thoroughly spraying it down with coconut oil/other oil
  5. Crack an egg into each hole and swirl it out a bit (the best tasting ones are just gently moved around instead of scrambling the egg).
  6. Put your pan into the oven and cook for 20-25 minutes.

Visual Tutorial

    1.   Spiralize the zucchini.


2.   Swirl the zucchini into holes/place into muffin pan.

Spiralized Zoodles

2.   Crack an egg into each hole.


3.   Bake for 20-25 minutes and then pop them out. Can be stored in the fridge for at least a week (mine were gone after that).

Zucchini Donuts

A Simple Mouthgasm: Fried Egg and Goat Cheese Sided With Mushroom

Fried Noms

In life there are moments we just want a quickie. Five minutes and full satisfaction with minimal cleanup.

I can put all your desires in one sweltering pan. As long as you have cast iron, but really, any pan that can hold dripping liquids will do.

On a day not too many days ago I opened the fridge, and there was an egg as well as goat cheese left from the watermelon radish mindtini and the cherry and goat cheese mindtini. I wondered if both egg and goat cheese could join my mouth for a threesome. Maybe the two weren’t meant for mating. The goat cheese is creamy and the egg cripsy.

They came. They saw. They conquered. Crispy cream.

Now it’s time to share.

This recipe is paleo friendly, keto friendly, primal friendly. It is human friendly.

What you need: Your mind, your body, an egg, heat, goat cheese, a mushroom, and oil/butter.

Turn on heat and soak your pain in oil. After you hear a sizzle remove the stem of your mushroom and put the mushroom cap into the pan. Eat the stem. Crack your egg on the counter then pour the egg into the edge of the pan.


Wait until the egg gets white all over.


Flip both the egg and the mushroom.


Wait until you feel it is ready and transfer  your mouthgasms to a cutting board.

Make a goat cheese egg and add it to your mushroom. Let it warm and then spread it across the inner moments. Top fried egg with goat cheese. Realize you have no more eggs and just put the cracked shell into the picture.

Disclaimer: Unless you find humanely raised goat cheese dairy is not paleo. Here is a great article on it.

Fried Noms


Flower Raised Mayo

All you will need for happiness is an egg, oil and half the juice of a lemon or lime.

It is time to embrace fats. Do not glower at them with the knowledge the world flucked your mind up with. Remember back to when butter was on everything and bacon came with breakfast. Those moments gasm in your mouth because your body is telling them to you. Your body wants it. People on those silly low fat diets give up or hate life because their body is never full. Well that is what is supposed to happen.Your body isn’t full without fats. Our bodies are meant to talk to us and we are meant to listen.

A while ago we stopped listening to our bodies and instead learned to yell at them. We didn’t want to be hungry because that just meant we’d get fat. At least, that happened to me. I didn’t actually develop any eating disorder but that’s probably because I exercised all the time and did 100 jumping jacks if I gained any weight.

Now I finally have a wonderful relationship with food.

My body creates incredible tastes and I’m full all of the time. Food never controls me but in ways we both delight in. It comes into me and my body opens right up. My mind feels more blissed out and in control than it ever has before.

Even when hungry it is not ravenous. I can think of other things and can even forget about the hunger. As a 110 pound person that was not always the case. Before keto/paleo I would become hungry and then snap and bite at life. People were icky and every motion that wasn’t towards food was useless. Anger also arose and I just lost control. My body needed the food. Now it is satisfied with what I give it. Our relationship no longer needs therapy.

If you are ready to embrace fats then it is probably time for a delicious and fatty sauce. Mayonnaise. Sauces will be your new best friend. Go ahead and update your Myspace, Ha. Like you have that anymore

First of all you will need to acquire one egg. A chicken might just grant your wish. Please get the organic happy ones because the taste really comes out. You can test it. I tested on a highly skeptical friend that called bs and his mind mouth opened right up to my ways. The regular ones just taste either like nothing or plastic. They lack the nutrients to create a flavor.

You will also need a cup of lightly flavored oil. A strong one will work but the taste will overwhelm you. Don’t worry. You will train your brain in time. I chose the lemon olive one from Trader Joe’s and it is scrumtiousgasming.

Finally you will need the juice of half a lime or lemon. Mostly you will need an immersion blender. This is not a purchase you will regret my dears and if you do I welcome complaints.

First search for a container that barely fits the head of your immersion blender. A glass jar generally works. I, personally, could not find a container big enough to fit the head. I accidentally got a big one. I then used my French press to fit it.

Go ahead and lay out all of your ingredients on a cutting board outside:

Mayo Ingredients
Mayo Ingredients

Then, bring them back inside and crack your egg into the container. Realize that you need to take the French Press back outside for another photo. Then squeeze out the juice of half a lime or lemon. Now this squeezing thing. Called. Something. I think just lemon squeezer. Is also incredibly useful. It squeezes the juice and keeps the seeds. What more could one desire?

Don't worry about the dirty boards. No one will notice.
Don’t worry about the dirty boards. No one will notice.

Then you’ll  go back inside and pour in the oil.
Mayo Ingredients Ready To Whirl Captain

Let the egg droop down to the bottom and then stick the head of your immersion blender in. Plug it in first. Then press the blade spinning button and let it sit there for twenty seconds without moving it. Don’t worry. It is working away down there.
Getting Creamy Mam

Your mayo will begin to form into a delicious white.

Getting Creamy Mam

Finally you will have mayo.

Pour into a glass jar or Martini glass to serve.

Flower Raised Mayo
Clean out your immersion blender right away.

Electric Ingredients:

Immersion Blender

Glass Ingredients:


Food Ingredients:

One egg

One cup of a lightly flavored oil

1/2 the juice of a lime or lemon

Flowers to raise it all with


Put food ingredients into glass ingredient. Let the egg droop to the bottom. Stick head of immersion blender into jar and let it immerse for twenty seconds. Move up and down to fully form mayo.

Pour into margini glass and dip daikon radish fries in.

It’s deliciously whipped fat. Add whatever else your mouth desires.Many humans use garlic.

Macros: Total Fat 8.6 g, Total Carb: 1g, Protein: .3g

Simple Baked Egg and Broccoli

Oh the beautiful beautiful egg. Somehow even it was demonized in the so called health movement of America. We tossed it in the trash we did. Just the yellow though, we kept the white. Sigh. We are so racist.

Eggs hold a vital nutrient for your sprog. B12 is essential for brain functioning and boosts cognition as well as memory. We want as many of these things inside us as possible.

Now broccoli is another gorgeous story for our bodies and minds. Have you heard about the recent scare of not getting enough vitamin D in our days? Apparently we are not out in the sun enough. This deficiency can lead to depression.

On the days I felt moped out I would just go sit clothless in the sun and soak it in. After about thirty minutes there was definitely more sprite to my thoughts. Broccoli is soaked in vitamin D and completely ready for you. In a super simple recipe no less. If you have a mini casserole dish.

First of all you’ll need to bake some eggs. If you go ahead and bake twelve as well as get a large hunk of broccoli you can have lunch for a week. Your body gets to learn and adapt to those nutrients to the point they will taste like creamy crunchy heaven. That’s what happened for me at least.

Baking eggs might sound new to you. Alton Brown lays it all out for you and I have the link ready for you in the recipe below. It makes a creamy egg and you can cook so many at once. It’s the only method I use now.

Egg Bake



Baked or Boiled Egg (learn how to bake eggs here)

Dashes of Paprika

Dashes of Salt


Set over to 300 degrees.

Put the above ingredients in a mini casserole dish.

Put the casserole dish in the over once it has heated.

Let set in over for fifteen minutes.

Eventually vary up the spices to your mind’s possibilities and let me know your favorites =)


Calories: 119.2g, Total Fat: 5.5g, Total Carb: 10, Net Carbs: 5.4